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About Us

Kulkarni Dental care Centre is well equipped with state of the art ultramodern equipment and materials. In keeping with times, utmost care is taken for sterilization of equipment.All procedures are carried out under excellent aseptic conditions.

The patients are attended by a team of experts.The team comprises of

  • Dr Shirish Kulkarni
  • Dr Sharmila Kulkarni
  • Dr Suraksha Sawant
  • Dr Jaya Doshi

Dr Shirish Kulkarni has 28 years of experience in clinical practice with special emphasis on oral Implantology and cosmetic dentistry. He has recieved advance training in cosmetics in impantology from Germany.

Dr Sharmila Kulkarni has a 28 years clinical and teaching expierience in the field of prosthetic dentistry.She has recieved advance training in implants from Germany.

Dr Suraksha Sawant is a B.D.S from Mumbai and has a 21 years of expirience in General clinical denistry. Dr Jaya Doshi is a B.D.S. and has 20 years of experience in General Clinical dentistry.





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